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Summer and weather can put a lot of stress on a lawn, especially lawns that have been established for several years …

A beautiful lawn starts with high-quality grass seed and professional seeding. If you are thinking of seeding or over seeding your lawn/property, contact us and ask about our services. We will guide you in making the right choice. Generally speaking, late summer and early fall are the best time periods where you will want to think about planting. The soil is still warm, the air is cool with moisture and the weeds are weakening. It’s the perfect combination for grass seeds to germinate and turf to take root quickly. The Time is Now!

**Just imagine what 2,500 grass seeds per square foot could do for your lawn**

Slice Seeding vs Over Seeding

Refresh your lawn with Slice Seeding or Over Seeding. Which one is good for your lawn depends on many factors, including how many bare spots need to be covered and how much thatch is matted between your existing grass and soil.


As soil becomes compacted, it can’t breath. That means the roots of your grass won’t be able to absorb nutrients or water from the soil. That makes it weak, and susceptible to weeds and disease. A well-aerated lawn gives fresh new seed a better chance to absorb nutrients and develop stronger roots.

Aeration perforates the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

Aeration is usually followed by Over seeding. Over seeding is where grass seed is simply broadcasted over the top of your existing lawn.

This method is best for older lawns that still have a lot of coverage. As your lawn continues to thrive, aerate every year or two.

Aeration, Over Seeding, Pelham, NH


Slice seeding starts with a piece of equipment called a slice seeder. This machine slices into the soil with steel blades creating furrows. Then it drops the grass seed into the furrows. This method puts the grass seed directly and securely in contact with the soil.

Slice seeders are expert seed planters. They’re adjusted to cut at the proper depth for the seed you’re using, and the slices into the soil are calibrated to give an even planting bed. As the machine lays down the seed, teeth work it into the soil.

This process is used to fill out a thin, weak lawn or refresh a lawn that doesn’t have much densely matted thatch.

slice seeding, Pelham, NH

Aeration, Over Seeding, Pelham, NH  Aeration, Over Seeding, Pelham, NH

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